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   Add Life to Your Years and Years to Your Life!

God's Way to Ultimate Health and Longevity!

Dr. Stan teaches and promotes a high nutrient, plant based diet and lifestyle that he calls the "Genesis Project".  This program is designed to unlock your healthy genes that promote good health and vitality, prevent and reverse disease, maintain a  healthy body weight, increase strength and energy, and promote longevity.

Dr. Stan had gained 50 pounds after a stressful time in his life and after moving to the beach. He decided to make some changes and adopted a high nutrient plant based diet that restored his health and vitality, reversed aged, lost 50 pounds, and looks and feels better at age 59 plus!

Jodie lost over 20 pounds and overcame leaky gut disease!

Dr. Stan and Jodie mission is to help and assist you to reach your healthy goals and live a long and healthy life!